Saturday, April 12, 2008

From Carol W

Yvonne, I have been so busy I havent had a chance to check out the boards in awhile and imagine my surprise when I saw your post.You are a sweet and generous person. You definatley have permission as does anyone else.I absolutely love alot of the recycle crafts and have made the paper beads out of magazines and paper and I use old picture frames as jewelry holders. I also will take old jewelry and recycle that into newer styles.I unfortunatley dont recycle other household products as much as I use to. When we were in Ky and Mi they had really good recycle systems that we took advantage of which made us feel really good about what we were and what we were not throwing into the dump. I have to say Lexington Ky had the best recylcing system I have scene. It made it easy and was little effort to do.Where we live now in Il is not the most recycle friendly. They do not have any pick up system and no drop off locations anywhere near. The girls at work started up a plastic bin that one of them take in but other that that I just dont have the space or time or energy to save and transport to the nearest faculity.
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