Saturday, April 12, 2008

From Patti

I have always recycled because it was a way i could make something different than what anyone else had and i have always liked different stuff. I started decorating my house from yard sale stuff and auctions, over 30yrs ago, and it was such a nice feeling to know that i done something that everyone else wanted to know where i got it at and they wanted one like it. Oh its a lot easier to go to the stores and buy something but you dont get the joy out of it like you do when you come up with a new ideal or get a bargain somewhere, i guess you can say i am addicted to that feeling lol and we all know how that feeling is Just love being different. Patti

From Portia1972

That is a lovely cross. I am amazed that something so nice can come from a can. I recycle because our local landfill has closed and items must go a long way to be dsposed of, causing extra pollution. It is also easy, here. We get money back on deposit items and payment for glass and aluminum, even without deposit.For crafting, I recycle because there are beautiful papers and other things that I could not get, otherwise. I started recycling for crafts when I kept the "No, thank you" letters from possible employers in my job hunting to pulp for paper making. It worked well and it gave me emotional satisfaction to pulp these letters.
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I recycle to keep things from ending up in the landfill,to keep them from being burned,and to save money. I take a load to the recycle center once a year.We keep it in the barn untill the weather is nice and usually end up with a truck load or 3.

From Ginny

I am so surprised that where we are now they don't recycle. I just don't understand why. I do my part by saving any soda cans and make pins out of them, break down cereal boxes and use the cardboard. When we are back up north, we recycle everything. I think it should be a federal law to recycle by paper, glass and tin. Ginny

From Jacky

I too recycle.It really does make you feel good to think you are doing your part to leave a cleaner, healthier planet for your future generations. I also love to make orignals, makes you feel good when someone appreciates your work. I have never seen more beautiful work then what you do with the cans Ennvoy, it is just remarkable. I feel so bad on our trash day when so few put out recycle bins. I too think it needs better enforcement. Breaks my heart when I see all the trash thrown out along the roads. I can never understand people doing that. Who do they think will pick it up "The trash fairy". Well enough of my venting just a very sore spot for me. LOVE YOUR work Ennvoy and thank you for sharing it.
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Grant me patience to deal with my blessings

From Carol W

Yvonne, I have been so busy I havent had a chance to check out the boards in awhile and imagine my surprise when I saw your post.You are a sweet and generous person. You definatley have permission as does anyone else.I absolutely love alot of the recycle crafts and have made the paper beads out of magazines and paper and I use old picture frames as jewelry holders. I also will take old jewelry and recycle that into newer styles.I unfortunatley dont recycle other household products as much as I use to. When we were in Ky and Mi they had really good recycle systems that we took advantage of which made us feel really good about what we were and what we were not throwing into the dump. I have to say Lexington Ky had the best recylcing system I have scene. It made it easy and was little effort to do.Where we live now in Il is not the most recycle friendly. They do not have any pick up system and no drop off locations anywhere near. The girls at work started up a plastic bin that one of them take in but other that that I just dont have the space or time or energy to save and transport to the nearest faculity.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pony and Carolina say:

Congratulations, ladies!! Yvonne, I just love your work and enthusiasm.- Carolina

Yvonne, loved your blog!-Pony600

fireweed/Far North and Hjvagar work and comments!

fireweed/Far North say on HGTV board:

Big congrats to the winners! Wow what beautiful re-cycling work on your blog! Like the others I too started out recycling due to financial need and remain dedicated to doing what I can to help keep our earth green. However with all our recent price increases more of us might return to doing it out of need. I recently worked on recycling a can for use on a card. I embossed the tin with the cuttlebug and colored it with sharpie markers and used red liner tape to attach it. It is a fast project.

Hjvagar's comment about teaching our children reminded me of my father. He was a very hard working man who was a mechanic all of life and spent many years responsible for maintaining a large lot of batteries to keep heavy equipment going. When the batteries were deemed no longer useable he was permitted to remove a silver disks from them. He saved that silver for years and when his 50th wedding anniversary arrived he sold that silver so he could buy my mother a new diamond ring. Since Mom had always managed all the money he truly wanted to surprise her and for her to once not know much he spent. So recycling can entail some beautiful love stories and be a financial valuable endeavor too!- fireweed/Far North
Hjgvar say on HGTV BOARD:
Thank you so much for choosing mine! I am so honored. I have loved your crafts for a long time and am amazed by your creativity! You certainly have my permission to use my poem and I have sent along my name and address! Thank you again. By the way - I went to your blog and loved that purse! Is there a bigger picture of it somewhere? Thanks again!
Wanted to add in about recycling:I recycle whenever I get the chance. I have been doing it for years - way before it was even called recycling lol. Back then it was 'garbage picking' but for all the teasing I took, everyone still loved getting the gifts made from it! I have neighbors that beg me for my 'newspaper cakes', my plastic containters that are repainted and repurposed, the beautiful decorations I made from Arizona Iced tea cans for my pop top belt for my 11 year old (that one was courtesy of Ennovy's ideas of using cans in my Sizzix), I could go on and on but I think when you have children and grandchildren, you need to recycle. They need a cleaner place to live and taking things out of the landfills helps to give it to them. It also teaches them to do it too!- Hjvgar

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I recycle because it helps keep our good earth clean. It cuts down on burning emissions and keeps non-biodegradable items out of our landfills.

What a beautiful Cross. I have recycled for years, Not just because it helps the environment. But I started because as a single mom I was on very limited income and recycleing was a way for me to craft. Way back when you used an empty tuna can and some fabric and sand and cotton and made pin cushion chairs. Soda cans were cut up and designs cut out with sizzors for ornaments. cutting up the meat trays for christmas ornaments, using newspaper and old magazines and making paper chains for the tree. I used the cans from our vegetables and baked bread for gifts in them. and gallon bleach bottles made piggy banks, totes, easter baskets, newspapers to make paper mache. All items that were of no or little cost. I could go on and on. Crafts have been my relaxation and sometimes saves my sanity. So even tho I know it is good for the environment It is a part of who and what I am. Years ago I just didnt know what a good thing I was doing. LOL

Thursday, April 3, 2008


THERE IS NOT A WINNER... ARE 3 AND THEY ARE: hjvagar, AmzdByHsGrace and Carol W, because I will use all yours ideas...if you give me permition. Each of them will get one cross. Congratulations!