Friday, May 30, 2008

Brand new!

Winnie the pooh from Cancrafts too!

Thanks for your support and nice comments !!! come back soon!

Comments from HGTV members:

I ask them to give me a name for this kind of insects and this is what they said:

This one is from JOY

Love them, great job, so cute!Maybe you call them something like: Buzzing with news or all the buzz magnets or BEE-Hold your special notes holder. Last one:Bee-magnet-icent note holder????Okay, now the last try, Snug as a Bug magnet holder.Joy

From Mugsy:

I LOVE them...what neat card embellies !do you back both the wings and the body with foam? or just the wings.....another thing to experiment with.....thanks for the idea !
MUGSY >>"<<

From Marianns66:

Yvonne, these are my new favorites! Love them, and they look fabulous on both sides, too! You continue to amaze me with your creative ideas and designs. TFS!!

From Michele (Lucky 203)

They would be very pretty in a garden attached to a dowel. Michele

From D.J. (Kraftylady23 )

These are really neat, great idea. I finally cut some butterflies out yesterday and was so excited that it worked. Thanks to all for the instructions on how to do this. I will post a picture later. I got an idea and then if it works I will post it.DJ.
D.J. Creations

From Debi O':

These are quite lovely for bugs...hehehe....I think they are lovely---such a cute idea. thanks for always, Debi O'
Crafting does the heart good.

From Donna 44: Very cute!! ..What if you called them ''Buggy buddies '' frigdie notes....and add a post it notes to them.

From lFCMamoAZ:

"Notes that Bug You""Don't Bug-Me's""Notes that Beetle My Brow""Bug-Me-Nots"I especially like your use of the small-print wording on the heads, very effective stripes. You are a real pro at this as we can attest.


Such pretty bugs-- I wouldn't mind finding some of them in my house.

Really lovely. They would be great on cards and scrap books.

Saturday, May 17, 2008



VEGGIES AND TOMATOES CANS... HERE WE GO AGAIN! Is like a fever, once you start, you can't stop!!!! The white ones are from the inside part of some cans, already that color...

Friday, May 9, 2008

As Seen is Carol Duval's Show

Check this links and will see some crafts from Yvonne Hernandez, presented at her show:

Shoebox: Wedding Invitations & Gift Bags
Shown on: Carol Duvall Show CDS-1545,,HGTV_3228_2310608,00.html

Shoebox: Party Time
Shown on: Carol Duvall Show CDS-1838,,HGTV_3268_4095662,00.html

Shoebox: Glove Dolls, Bar Soap Crafts
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