Saturday, April 5, 2008


I recycle because it helps keep our good earth clean. It cuts down on burning emissions and keeps non-biodegradable items out of our landfills.

What a beautiful Cross. I have recycled for years, Not just because it helps the environment. But I started because as a single mom I was on very limited income and recycleing was a way for me to craft. Way back when you used an empty tuna can and some fabric and sand and cotton and made pin cushion chairs. Soda cans were cut up and designs cut out with sizzors for ornaments. cutting up the meat trays for christmas ornaments, using newspaper and old magazines and making paper chains for the tree. I used the cans from our vegetables and baked bread for gifts in them. and gallon bleach bottles made piggy banks, totes, easter baskets, newspapers to make paper mache. All items that were of no or little cost. I could go on and on. Crafts have been my relaxation and sometimes saves my sanity. So even tho I know it is good for the environment It is a part of who and what I am. Years ago I just didnt know what a good thing I was doing. LOL

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