Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can-Crafts Outlet - Small Poem

This little item has been crafted with care
in hope that our beautiful world may be spared.
It comes from discarded soda pop cans
carelessly tossed from a passer-by’s hands.
In the end I guess the saying must be true
as someone’s old trash
is a Puerto Rican treasure for you!

From our home: Can Crafts Staff

Friday, September 24, 2010

More recycled items

Stick friends

From time to time I do things that are not from cans, will share one to make your day...
or do some things with clorox containers...

But soon or later, will return to the cans stuff

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Patriotic Eagle

Cancrafts's History

An aluminum can takes 300 to 400 years to biodegrade... but in the hands of a volunteer it is question of minutes, to transform it into a valuable object... Give me one can and I will present a better tomorrow to you... " This is the way we begin the conferences for adults and children.As a girl, I saw my father arrive at our home, with his hands full of blisters; it was his job to take off a "Chiclet" at the bottom of the gallon of bleach (Clorox). Today it is still difficult for me to throw away one of these plastic containers, without remembering those days. It is why I dedicated myself to do recycling.One night, after seeing the film "Twister", I remained awake until late night, cutting a pop can, but it was not sufficient to do that because the danger of the edges; they were like "ninja stars" . That's why I united it to "foamis", the one with sticky foam. They came out so nice that they began to sell like "hot cakes". Soon, the calls arrived asking for my services: to buy them or to give seminars around the island on different activities. There, we showed the change and Metamorphosis of a can to butterfly; with an analogy of this transformation. We distributed samples and in some cases, depending on the group, we make one item that finishes as a key ring, or a refrigerator magnet, or an ornament.At the moment I concentrate my efforts with aluminum cans; although I also work with different materials like cardboard, paper, plastics and things that the factories throw away. They are not garbage (garbage is garbage) they are recyclable materials